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Visualization - Direct Volume Rendering
Visualization - Direct Volume Rendering Arbeitsgruppe Visualisierung OvGU Magdeburg
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This lecture gives an overview of wide-spread direct volume rendering techniques for regular volume data, such as CT and MRI. Raycasting, splatting and texture-based methods are introduced, incl. acceleration techniques, such as early ray termination and empty space skipping. Volume lightning based on approximated gradients is also discussed. Duration: 1 hour, 18 minutes.

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Single-Pass Raycasting
Single-Pass RaycastingPhilip Rideout
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Blog on volumetric raycasting in a single pas.
GPU-accelerated single-pass volumetric raycasting in Qt and OpenGL
GPU-accelerated single-pass volumetric raycasting in Qt and OpenGLMartino Pilia
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Blog on the implementation of a small tool for volumetric rendering, aimed to be minimal and very lightweight, fast, and easy to extend.

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