The Apple M1 chip is based on the ARM instruction set. To compile for the M1, add the target flag to the llvm compiler

					-target arm64-apple-macos11 -mmacosx-version-min=11.0				

To compile for x86_64 on the Apple M1 use the following flag

					-arch x86_64				
					#if arch(arm64)
   // Code meant for the arm64 architecture here.
#elseif arch(x86_64)
   // Code meant for the x86_64 architecture here.

To see the architectures present in a built executable file, run the lipo command-line tool

					lipo -archs executable				

To generate an universal binary, use the lipo command-line tool

					lipo -create -output universal_executable x86_executable arm_executable				

Note that the same command applies to generate universal static libraries.

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