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Swift Programming Tutorial for Beginners (Full Tutorial)
Swift Programming Tutorial for Beginners (Full Tutorial)CodeWithChris
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Learn how to code with Swift in one single tutorial. Chris will go through all the core concepts of Swift including: Variables and Constants, Data Types, Properties, Functions and Parameters, Classes, IF Statements, and more. Duration: 3 hours, 22 minutes.

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Sean Allen iOS Development Videos
Sean Allen iOS Development VideosSean Allen
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3 videos per week about Swift and iOS Development from an iOS Engineer in Silicon Valley. Tutorials, VLOGs, Interview Questions, and LIVE on Sundays.
Hacking with Swift
Hacking with SwiftPaul Hudson
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Paul Hudson runs the site Hacking with Swift where you'll find well over a thousand free tips, techniques, and tutorials for Swift. Paul has written books about iOS, watchOS, Vapor, and much more – and enjoys hacking around with Swift regardless of the platform, and love passing on what he learned to others.

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