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Qt contains a comprehensive set of highly intuitive and modularized C++ library classes and is loaded with APIs to simplify your application development. Qt produces highly readable, easily maintainable and reusable code with high runtime performance and small footprint – and it's cross-platform. Qt has it's own cross-platform IDE and is chock-full of tools designed for developing applications and UIs once and deploying them across multiple operating systems.

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Qt 6 With C++VoidRealms
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In this video series Brian Cairns will cover Qt 6.
C++ Qt Programming
C++ Qt ProgrammingVoidRealms
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Qt Tutorial. Duration: 224 episodes.
Qt Tutorial
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Qt Tutorial. Duration: 5 episodes.

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Internationalization & Localization by Kai Köhne, The Qt Company @QtWS18
Internationalization & Localization by Kai Köhne, The Qt Company @QtWS18Kai Köhne
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Here's a special treat for linguaphile developers, or even those that would rather avoid the translation topic – because Qt can rid you of that hassle! In this presentation, Kai goes in deep of how localizations are done with Qt, the toolchain(Qt Linguist, lupdate, lrelease, lconvert), how the API works, and what the workflow looks like based on an example.. Duration: 32 minutes..

Recommended books

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Qt 5.11 is an app development framework that provides a great user experience and develops full capability applications with Qt Widgets, QML, and even Qt 3D. Whether you’re building GUI prototypes or fully-fledged cross-platform GUI applications with a native look and feel, Mastering Qt 5 is your fastest, easiest, and most powerful solution. This book addresses various challenges and teaches you to successfully develop cross-platform applications using the Qt framework, with the help of well-organized projects.

Working through this book, you will gain a better understanding of the Qt framework, as well as the tools required to resolve serious issues, such as linking, debugging, and multithreading. You’ll start off your journey by discovering the new Qt 5.11 features, soon followed by exploring different platforms and learning to tame them. In addition to this, you’ll interact with a gamepad using Qt Gamepad. Each chapter is a logical step for you to complete in order to master Qt.

link: https://www.packtpub.com/product/mastering-qt-5-second-edition/9781788995399

Qt is a professional cross-platform application framework used across industries like automotive, medical, infotainment, wearables, and more. In this book you’ll initially create a to-do style app by going via all stages for building a successful project. You’ll learn basics of Qt’s C++ and QML APIs, test-driven development with Qt Test, application architecture, and UIs with Qt Quick & Quick Controls 2.

link: https://www.packtpub.com/product/qt-5-projects/9781788293884

Qt is a mature and powerful framework for delivering sophisticated applications across a multitude of platforms. It has a rich history in the Linux world, is widely used in embedded devices, and has made great strides in the Mobile arena over the past few years. However, in the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X worlds, the dominance of C#/.NET and Objective-C/Cocoa means that Qt is often overlooked.

This book demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Qt framework for desktop application development and shows how you can write your application once and deploy it to multiple operating systems. Build a complete real-world line of business (LOB) solution from scratch, with distinct C++ library, QML user interface, and QtTest-driven unit-test projects.

link: https://www.packtpub.com/product/learn-qt-5/9781788478854

With the growing need to develop GUIs for multiple targets and multiple screens, improving the visual quality of your application becomes important so that it stands out from your competitors. With its cross-platform ability and the latest UI paradigms, Qt makes it possible to build intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly user interfaces for your applications.

Qt5 C++ GUI Programming Cookbook, Second Edition teaches you how to develop functional and appealing user interfaces using the latest version of QT5 and C++. This book will help you learn a variety of topics such as GUI customization and animation, graphics rendering, implementing Google Maps, and more. You will also be taken through advanced concepts like asynchronous programming, event handling using signals and slots, network programming, various aspects of optimizing your application.

link: https://www.packtpub.com/product/qt5-c-gui-programming-cookbook-second-edition/9781789803822

Learn C++, Patterns, and Qt 4 Cross-Platform DevelopmentMaster C++ and design patterns together, using the world’s leading open source framework for cross-platform development: Qt 4. An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 is a complete tutorial and reference that assumes no previous knowledge of C, C++, objects, or patterns. You’ll walk through every core concept, one step at a time, learning through an extensive collection of Qt 4.1-tested examples and exercises. By the time you’re done, you’ll be creating multithreaded GUI applications that access databases and manipulate XML files–applications that run on platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. Best of all, you’ll be writing code that’s efficient, reusable, and elegant. Learn objects fast: classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and more Master powerful design patterns Discover efficient high-level programming techniques using libraries, generics, and containers Build graphical applications using Qt widgets, models, and views Learn advanced techniques ranging from multithreading to reflective programming Use Qt’s built-in classes for accessing MySQL data Includes a complete C++ language reference

link: https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Patterns-Pearson-Software-Development/dp/0132826453

This book is aimed at existing C++/Qt programmers and presents ideas and techniques that are too advanced or specialized (although not necessarily difficult), for a first book on Qt.

Qt has now grown to over 700 classes and well over a million words of documentation, far too much to cover in a single volume. So instead of covering everything very thinly, the book focuses on key areas of Qt technology and tries to provide more comprehensive coverage than is available elsewhere.

The book is completely practical in emphasis, with every technique illustrated by working code. The examples show Qt best practices, and have been tested on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, using Qt 4.6 and where possible (e.g., using #if QT_VERSION), Qt 4.5. (The examples and a sample chapter can be downloaded from the book’s web page. Amazon don’t allow URLs so google for “qtrac” to find it.)

The book’s main themes are hybrid desktop/Internet applications, threading, rich text handling, Qt’s graphics/view architecture, and Qt’s model/view architecture (to which four chapters are devoted), although many other topics are covered. Besides each chapter’s main subject, lots of other classes, methods, and techniques are used wherever they make sense, to show as many Qt features as possible. So even the most experienced Qt programmer should discover aspects of Qt they weren’t aware of, discover new techniques, and be inspired with new ideas.

link: https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Qt-Programming-Creating-Development/dp/0321635906

Accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the open source editon of Qt 4.3, as well as examples and source code from the book, an updated guide to Qt 4 programming provides information on such topics as creating dialog boxes, file menus, user interfaces, graphical user interface programming, changes from Qt 4.2 and 4.3, custom widgets for applications, SVG file generation, and more

link: https://www.amazon.com/Programming-Prentice-Source-Software-Development-dp-0132354160/dp/0132354160

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