Just published

Handbook of Porous Materials

UvA Researchers Collaborate on New Handbook of Porous Materials

A group of authors including researchers and alumni from the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) have just completed a four-volume reference work covering the fundamentals and key applications of porous materials. This “Handbook of Porous Materials” will be published in November by World Scientific Publishers in a digital and a print edition.

CoRE MOF 2019

Advances, Updates, and Analytics for CoRE MOF 2019

Over 14,000 porous, three-dimensional metal–organic framework structures are compiled and analyzed as a part of an update to the Computation-Ready, Experimental Metal–Organic Framework Database (CoRE MOF Database). The updated database includes additional structures that were contributed by CoRE MOF users, obtained from updates of the Cambridge Structural Database and a Web of Science search.

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